Scalping – a strategy not for everyone

Scalping is a very distinctive speculative strategy, which consists in persistent entry and exit in investing. Usually, the deals that belong to the category of scalping last no longer than one minute. There are different divisions. Some experts say that the deals can take up to three minutes or even as much as five minutes, but it depends on a point of view. Forex traders tend to stick up with the first definition. The profits cashed in by the trader depend on the number of positions closed with a positive outcome, which often does not exceed several pips. Before you decide for this scheme, you must realize, that you can achieve a sufficient profit in a relatively short time, which relies on an amount of invested capital. The containment of trader’s emotion plays a crucial role in earning profits in scalping. Profits achieved are way smaller than those won with the use of other strategies, but they are more frequent. There are several tips, which any trader interested in scalping can benefit from. First of all, the rise of social trading made it all easier. By lurking the best competitors, a rookie may learn something new about this strategy, pick up the best currency pairs or gain experience in timing. The numerous signals coming from the sources of social trading can be analyzed and programmed into an expert advisor. A good EA on a reliable platform can operate freely on forex, mt4 is one of the most popular trading platforms, which enable creating your own robots. When it comes to scalping, Metatrader platforms, whether it is a MT4 or MT5, provides its users with best tools and it is reliable. Reliability is often a deciding feature due to the deals’ short lifespan. They have to be performed quickly and only the best platforms like the Metatrader ones or the ones provided by easyMarkets guarantee the outstanding quality.

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