Origins and features of the most popular platform

It is estimated, that around 80% of the retail brokers offers exactly the Meta trader 4 platform. The popular so-called MT4 was designed and created by the Russian – based company MetaQuotes. The popular platform had its premiere in 2005 and it quickly became a world-wide sensation. It offers its users the best that any platform could ever have. First of all, the appliance is simply and intuitive, what turns this device into a starting point for novice traders and a weapon of choice of professional investors. The Metatrader platform has also other aces upon its sleeve. A multitude of useful tools like analytical functions, interactive charts, copy trading turn it into a perfect device for technical analysis. When there are any movements on the market, you have those tools which help you in timing the decision perfectly. The MT4 has also a feature of a built-in marketplace. The trader can find there the best technical indicators or pick up any of the circa 2000+ available programs in the type of an expert advisor-mt4 has it all within reach. The trader can buy, implement and set an EA within platform. He or she then can leave the trading on the shoulders of the device. Social trading, that is automatically copying the deals and trading signals, is also enabled. The clients only have to choose their favorite signal providers, subscribe to them and just let the equipment do the job. Social trading is a crucial feature, since it proffers thousands of investing strategies with various risk and profitability levels at one place, prepared and ready to use. You have an opportunity not only to use a real account, but also to operate on a Metatrader demo, what makes first steps even more simply and safe. Also, the platform’s tools can turn every trading scheme into an algorithm and install it as an expert advisor. The open and simple coding language makes creating original tools for end users a walk in the park.

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